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Saturday October 28 1967

To the private hospital of the Exhibition, at 5:7 am, Mrs Lavergne from Châteauguay give birth of a girl. The mother and the child are transported at the Notre-Dame hospital , Expo hospital. What made say to Prime Minister Pearson that 28 October it had gone out a person furthermore than he had entered. Catherine-Hélène was baptized on November 5th, in an apartment of Habitat67.

50 millionth visitor, Mrs Marthe Racine, of Repentigny, accompanied with her husband, wins a journey of two weeks at the Exhibition of Osaka and the other numerous presents.

Death by cardiac arrest of Mrs Antoinette Rousseau from Fabreville. The Exhibition knew 14 cases of natural death, no accidental death.

We waited for 391,000 visitors today, according to the statistics. 419,220, in spite of the chilly weather and a threatening sky.

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