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Sunday October 29 1967

Two young boys pick flowers in a flowerbed. Visitors intervene. " Leave that there. Leave the Exhibition so beautiful as when you entered. " An intervention much more effective than the policemen.

It is the last day of the Exhibition. Sad ceremonies.

" Accomplished Mission ", says the general commissioner Dupuy by addressing about 10,000 spectators who broke the cords of security and invaded the Place des Nations reserved for 4,000 guests and journalists.

«Having lived 185 days to learn the world, Montreal has to, in a single day, learn to part from it », declares the Mayor Jean Drapeau.

We give golden medals to the general commissioners of the participating countries. At every presentation, the flag of the country is lowered by a boy scout and give back to the hostesses of the pavilion who accompany the general commissioner of the country. Silver medals are awarded to the commissioners of 37 other pavilion or to private participants.

The governor general Roland Michener ends by letting, he says, his speech get lost in archives and by saying about a voluntarily neutral tone: " I declare that this Exhibition is officially closed ".

The Exhibition doors close at 2 pm. For the morning, 221,554 persons crossed turnstiles. The Exhibition 67 has just got 50,306,648 visitors.

A salvo of 67 knocks of cannon announces the official closure of the pavilions, bars, restaurants, shops and La Ronde.

On lagoons, boats slide towards their last port of registry.

Minirails and "balade" stop gradually. The visitors are forwarded to La Cité du Havre to attend fireworks launched simultaneously in front of Habitat67 and of the Canadian Pavilion.

The exodus ends before 10 pm. We do not regret either thefts, or vandalism. The fears were vain. The night goes down on the Exhibition - fall of curtain of an unspeakable sadness.

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