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Source: La petite histoire d'Expo 67

La petire histoire d'Expo 67 will brings you in the wings of a memorable event: The Montreal Universal and International Exhibition of 1967. Since the conception of the project in 1958, until its painful gestation, its dangers, its setbacks, its fights and finally its triumph, you will discover the multiple facets of this great adventure.

The birth, the main craftsmen, the logistics to receive millions of visitors, the coming of the greatest of this world, the Exhibition day after day... The footnotes of history of Expo 67 is stuffed with memories, with anecdotes, with forgotten or unknown facts which transports us in the heart of the Exhibition and the sixties which saw her being born.

Thirty years later, Yves Jasmin delivers us here a real report on the preparation and the realization of this landmark. A book to be read to discover or to remember: the Expo 67, as if you were there.

In 1964, Yves jasmine was a public relations director, of the information and the publicity of Expo 67. With his colleagues of that time, craftsmen of the Expo 67, he lived intensely the preparation and the realization of this unforgettable event.

Source: La petite histoire d'Expo 67, de Yves Jasmin aux édition
Québec/Amérique. (french)

Yves Jasmin worked all his life in the field of communications. At first film-maker in the ONF, then journalist, he occupied subsequently diverse posts within companies prestigious as Air Canada, breweries Molson, Ford Canada and to the Canadian company of the Expo 67 where he was a chief executive officer of the public relations, the information and the advertising.

He was then a president of Desroches, Jasmin and Associates and participated later in some consultancy firms in public relations. His work on the Expo 67 is a collection of documents and anecdotes on the preparation and the realization of this unforgettable exhibition.

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