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Dancing Waters

Visitors can participate in the war Canoe Ride, then relax for a performance of the Dancing Waters, with spectacular colors and over 1,000 different fountain effects provided by the largest and most complex installation of its kind in the world. The Show sponsored by the Canadian Westinghouse Co. Ltd, is set to music. Massive pump force 2,700,000 gallons of water through 2,000 nozzles to a hiehgt of 100 feet. At the evening show, the Dancing Waters is synchronized qith an elaborate fireworks display.

Another attraction not to be missed is the Montreal Aquarium. The Aluminium Co. of Canada Ltd, and the City Of Montreal are joint sponsors of this project described here.

It comprises the main aquarium in the Alcan Pavilion, where a galaxy of marine life is displayed in glass fronted tanks, and the Alcan Dolphin Pool where trained dolphins perform acrobatic feats in an enclosed 900-seat amphitheater.

(Document: Official Guide of l'Expo 67, Copyright 1967 by Maclean-Hunter Publishing Co. Ltd.)

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