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Let us compare the prices

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If we observe the prices on the panel, hamgurgers cost 45 cents and hot dogs 25 cents. Chips 25 cents and donuts 15 cents. A whole difference with today.

But let us not forget either that at that time in the small snacks-bar of the street corner in Montreal, it cost a lot cheaper than in the Expo to eat fast food. For example, not very far from my home, we could eat three hot dogs, a french fried and a coke for less than one dollard. And if my memory is good, a hamburger cost 20 cents and a bag of chips 5 cents

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In 1967, in Quebec, the minimum wage was $1,05 an hour. So $42 for 40-hour's work in a week. After the rent, the food, the clothes, and the medical expenses (because the Health insurance was not still effective), there was not a lot of money to buy a hamburger in a restaurant, even less at $0,45 in the Exhibition.


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