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Olive Thomas

Here is a promotional document sent by Olive Thomas on the presentation which the organizers of Expo 67 had to make to promote the Exhibition through Canada.

EX-1 -- The U.S. Pavilion at Expo 67, a geodesic dome designe by R. Buckminster Fuller. Coated with a transparent surface of plastic and glass film, the 250-foot-wide, 187-foot-high structure will house exhibits depicting the Apollo moon project through simulated lunar conditions, a fine arts exhibit, a new technological display and a 20-minute film, 'Creative America".

EX-2 -- This unique Expo/Rama "bubble" opened today at ________. For the next four days, the public is invited to preview Expo 67, the largest international exhibition ever to be held in North America, which will open in Montreal on April 28, 1967. Expo/Rama's 20-minuteshow tells the Expo 67 story of "Man and His World" through the combined talents of singers and actors, plus films and slides. The show will run continously from 1:00 to 9:00 p.m. through the day.

EX- 3 -- Habitat 67, is an attempt to develop a complete living environment in a high density population area. Over 350 precast concrete molds will be hoisted into place to make up 158 "home" from to four bedrooms in size, each with private, landscape gardens. Pyramidic in shape, it will be 950 feet in length, 300 feet wide and 120 feet high. THe $10.5 million building, whose architect is 28-year-old Moshe Safdie, will have its own power plant and service facilities with covered parking for each tenant.

EX-4 -- The British Pavilion, designed by Sir Basil Spence, is comprised of a group of building on several levels intended to reflect the maturity, strength and aspirations of this nation. The cone-shaped tower is unfinished and will remain so throughout the six month run of Expo 67. This will symbolize Britain's expectations of continued growth and progress in the years ahead.

EX-5 -- This pavilion representing the United Nations will include a theatre, a "Restaurant of all Nations," and an exhibit area and will be surrounded by the flags of the 117 member nations of the UN.

EX-6 -- A do-it-yourself sense of weightlessness will be featured in the U.S.S.R Pavilion at Expo 67. Details have not yet been revealed as to how this will be accomplished, but the area will be called "Cosmos hall" and the average visitor will experience a sensation similar to that know by the relatively few space travelers. The $15 millions pavilion is cantilevered and contains enough steel for a 30-story office building. It will contain a 600-seat theater, restaurants, bars and terraces. Following the Exhibition, it will be dismantled and re-assembled in Moscow.

EX-7 -- The bird's eye was at 5,000 feet when this picture was snapped of the two islands and peninsula which opens at Montreal on April 28, 1967. The enlargement of the two islands and the extension of Mackay Pier (left) will provide nearly 1,000 acres for the pavilions of 70 participating nations, amusement area and other attractions. On the far right, is the south shore parking area with a capacity for 10,000 cars.

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