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 Africa Pavilion - Cameroon

Place d'Afrique

The federal republic of Cameroon is a country where the African nature appears in all its variety; we find indeed plains, trays, mountains and forests there.

The territory consists of three big regions: Southern Cameroon, which dominates the mountain Cameroon, still active volcano (4 000 metres, more than 12 000 feet); central Cameroon, caractèrisé by considerable climate change; finally northern Cameroon, drained partially by Bénoué and its tributaries.

This attractive country has an economy more varied than its topography. We cultivate the manioc, the taro, the potato and the corn there.

The basement is full of resources: ore of tin ( cassitérite ), shines (titanium) and, in the region of Douala, the gas of oil(petroleum). There are oil-works and tobacco factories has Yaounde, the capital, the city of 60 000 inhabitants. As for the hydroelectric possibilities, they are enormous. The power plant of Edéa supplies with the electricity in Yaounde and to Douala. We created an industry of the aluminium using the bauxite.

The factory of Edéa produces 45 000 tons of metal a year (figures in 1961).

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