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Africa Pavilion - Gabon

Place d'Afrique

Inspired profoundly by the general subject of the Exhibition 67, the Gabonese pavilion is placed under the sign of " Gabon, country of the friendship ", this friendship which is the stone which the Gabon intends to bring to the construction of the Man and his world.

This pavilion, thanks to its harmonious and comfortable arrangement and to the emprient reception of the traditional Gabonese hospitality which it reserves them, allows the visitors to enter direct contact with multiple Gabonese realities in all the domains of the human activity: economic life, artistic and cultural life, life of the leisure activities. The Gabonese economy possesses uncountable wealth: the basement contains the manganese, the uranium, iron, gold, etc.

We know that the African art is very appreciated in the world. The Gabon offers exactly to the visitors the possibility of seeing being born under eyes one of the expressions of its artistic life: a consequentive craftsman will sculpture famous stones of ME BIGOU. They can also admire this " art in the everyday life " that are the ritual or usual objects of the peoples of forests. Through the singing of drums, zithers, balafons, M' Vett, visitors can hear the tale of the everyday life and the Gabonese tradition. Finally, the big hunting in forest, whether it belongs in the gorilla or in the elephant, and the offshore fishing, whether it is in the tarpon or in the whale, will give to the visit the final touch of adventure, the one that proposes the tourism in the Gabon.

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