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 Africa Pavilion - Tanzania

Place d'Afrique

The pavilion of Tanzania brings to light the nature, the beauty of the landscapes, the population, the business and the industry of this vast country.

Elements of exhibitionremind that Tanzania is the ground of election of the tourists: we find Killimandjaro, island of Zanzibar and national park Serengeti there.

The population is trained by a multitude of tribes and by a rande variety of races. Weapons, musical instruments illustrate the traditional life in Africa.

The oldest vestiges of the man were dug up in Tanzania. It is about certain that the homo habilis lived a million 800 thousand years there.

The area dedicated to the business and to the industry contains interesting elements on Dar Es-Salaam, the capital. One of them concerns a mining company based by a Canadian geologist, Mr Williamson, in 1941, near Shinyanga.

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