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Africa Pavilion - Chad

Place d'Afrique

Bathed partially by one of the biggest lakes of Africa, the territory of the Republic of the Chad is besides crossed by important streams which moderate a little the warm climate of this vast and beautiful countries. Chad, independent since 1960, lives on the breeding of the oxen(beefs), on goats and on sheeps. It extends over the savannas of the Sudanese zone and over the South of Sahara.

The population of the Chad exceeds 2,700,000 inhabitants. We meet in this country of the ministers who still live at the age of the nomadism.

Capital: Fort-Lamy. Main cities: Fort-Archanbault, Abéché. Northward, the massif of Tibesti, populated by Tibbous, adds to the beauty of the country a majesty without similar.

The Stand of the Chad in the Exhibition suggests you the idea of a journey in Southern Sahara.

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