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 Kodak Pavilion

Dazzling color pictures virtualy spring to life on water at the Kodak Pavilion. Butterflies take flight, fireworks explode in mid-air, fish swim, and go-go dancers go-go. The show gives a new dimension to life's happiest and proudest moments.

It's part of a multi-screen eight-minute slide show, entitled "The wonder of photography", a fun programs that explores with the viewer the ways in which photography serves man. There's a presentation every the minutes in the pavilion theater, less than a two minutes walk from the Expo-Express station on ile Notre-Dame.

Expo 67 , with its fascinating pavilions and unique sights, offers camera fans a rare opportunity for pictures. And Canadian Kodak specialists at the pavilion's Photo Information Center are on hand to assist you.

A special exhibit area takes you behind the scenes and reveals in color the dramatic role of photography, in our daily lives. You can see Canada from the air, too. Twenty four color photographs, taken from a low-flying helicopter, dynamically illustrate the country.

( Document: Official Guide of l'Expo 67, Copyright 1967 by Maclean-Hunter Publishing Co. Ltd. )

Man and is World in 1969 - The Collector

This pavilion features rare and valuable collections of stamps, coins, scale-model antique cannons, postcards and lead soldiers. It also boasts a collection of photographs and tramway tickets from the good old days. Highlighted are special stamp issues dating back to pre-World War I and a full collection of Canadian coins, as well as international specimens dating back to the ancient Egyptian days. The latter collection is worth $500,000.

(Man and his world 1969 - Official Guide - published by the city of Montreal)

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