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- Quebec Industries

More than one hundred Quebec industries are participating in the only industrial pavilion organized by a Canadian province.

The pavilion is in Cité du Havre, close to the main entrance of the exhibition and Place d'Accueil and directly served by Trailer Train.

It is financed by the industries represented on a co-operative basis. It is under the auspices of the Quebec Department of Industry and Commerce, and has a twofold purpose: To stimulate demand for Quebec products and to encourage new industries to set up in Quebec.

One of the most exciting prospects favoring progress in Quebec is the availability of immense fresh water resources, and an exciting feature will be daily color television reports from Hydro Quebec's huge Manicouagan power project.

- International Trade Center, Expo-Club

As many thousands of businessmen are visiting Expo 67, a separate pavilion has been built for their exclusive use on Cité du Havre, close to the main entrance gates at Place d'Accueil. The Expo-Express provieds fast transport from all other sectors within the exhibition site.

The pavilion called the International Trade Center, is sponsored by the Canadian Banker's Association. Its two floors house a bank concourse, Business Development Bureau and Expo-Club.

- International Broadcasting Center

The participation of the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation in Expo 67 takes the form of a low rectangular building, with Greek style colonnade, which will be the "home away from home" for all the television and radio broadcasters telling the story of l'Expo 67 to the world.

The International Broadcasting Center is situated in Cité du Havre and visitors will be taken on guided tours. Through large slanted window panels they may watch artists and techinicians at work. An observation gallery has been provided for one of two large television studios, the largest the CBC has ever built. Visitors will also be able to sit in for all kinds of programs, news to opera, in the studio.

( Document: Official Guide of l'Expo 67, Copyright 1967 by Maclean-Hunter Publishing Co. Ltd. )

International Broadcasting Center # 1

International Broadcasting Center # 2


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