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 Scandinavia Pavilion - Denmark

The Man and his World theme of Oxpo 67 inspired Denmark to choose as its subject: Man as the raw material of a developed Country.

Denmark lacks rich mineral resources: The great resource on which the country depends is man and his skills developed by education and training.

The exhibit demonstrates how the Danes through imagination and hard work achive a high standard of living.

Modest in size and population. Denmark is shown to be one of the wolrd's largest exporters of meat and dairy products. Like the agricultural products of Denmark , the country manufactured goods are recognized for scrupulously mantained high quality.

Denmark has a proud tradition of building and sailing fine ships. A third of the world's diesel powered vessels are fitted with engines built in Denmark or under Danish licence.

Danish skill has developed major engineering projects in many lands, in applied art and industrial desing, too, Denmark is in the van.

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