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 Scandinavia Pavilion - Iceland

Iceland unique natural heat resources and history, culture and industry provide the theme for Iceland's exhibit.

Land of rugged beauty, of glaciers and volcanoes, the island owers to the latter the natural hot water that heats homes, helps vegetable grow and serves many other purposes.

The fishing industry draws on the rich Atlantic fishing banks that surround the island. Excellent grassland makes fine grazing, and in the highlands sheep raising provides succulent Iceland lamb.

The exhibit shows Iceland's high living and educational standards, and takes pride in the Althing, claimed to be the oldest parliament in the world, and in the wonderful 12th century Sagas qhich are the fountain of Icelandic literature. The language in qhich they were writen is pratically that of modern Iceland, once spoken all over Scandinavia and in parts of the British Isles too.

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