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 Scandinavia Pavilion - Sweden

Roughly on of three Swedish industrial workers is producing goods for export. One resident inevery fifteen was born in a country other than Sweden. One Swede out of seven moves outside Scandinavia in the role of tourist each year.

All Swedish schoolchildren learn at least one language other then their own.

These facts illustrate Sweden's close association with other lands, a dynamic factor towards progress and development.

Sweden is set on doubling its production by the 1980's in free competition with other nation. The aim is to imprive material and cultural conditions at home and to assist less fortunate peoples. Prime importance is given ti question in health, education, employment, housing, social security and the use of leisure time. In each of these spheres some difficult problems remain to be solved. This must be done in an international and imaginative spirit.

The rapid evolution and the problems going with it are in the center of the current public discussion. In the timelight especially is the relationship between individuals and the changing roles of men and women in the new society.

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