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 Man and the Community

Can you close your eyes and imagine a world without country before man to the end of his world?

This is the vision then a man in the community, striking pavilion min Cité du Havre of which the architectural form suggest at once the power of a rocket and the elegance of a spire, a slender pyramid with trellis work of wood from the shores of Canada's Pacific coast. Between habitat 67 and the Labyrinth pavilion, it is convenient to the Habitat Expo-Express station.

When it rains, the drops fall through the open roof into a pound in the center of the pavilion. A garden extends beyond the pavilion's outer well, round the pond and between the exhibit halls.

Daylight filters through a translucent canvas and shields the garden against inclement weather.

The exhibit as a whole comprises seven displays. There is a Citérama, a novel spectacle specially designed for the pavilion, a sort of magic kaleidoscope which forms and disintegrates mathematically before the eyes of visitors. A little further on is the small theater where Czech puppets are used to illustrate the indolence of man. Urbanissimo, an animated cartoon tells the story of a farmer's love for the city life.

The exhibit in the man and the Community pavilion will certainly entertain. They should encourage appreciation of how the upheavals about us are affecting all our lives.

THe gist of the matter is cited in the pavilion's particular theme: We are at once the freest and the most fettered people of all time !

( Document: Official Guide of l'Expo 67, Copyright 1967 by Maclean-Hunter Publishing Co. Ltd. )

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