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 Man the Producer
Man In Control?

Man must have control of the World for the benefit of mankind. Control + observation + analysis + decision + action, with information precessing (communication + data storage and retrieval) as catalyst between the element of control. Technology is creating the means for more efficient observation, analysis, action and information processing, thereby freeing man to concentrate on the element of control only he can handle, decision.

Pictures and captions illustrate the difference in circumstance where " Man has control " and " Man has lost control " and state the " control equation ".

A film traces the acceleration in telecommunications by looking at the spread of news of four historical events: the murder of Caesar and Lincoln, the Titanic disaster and the assassination of Kenedy. Communications satellites and the facsimile printout of dailies from Suva, Melbourne, Hong Kong, Lausanne, Paris and London demonstrate the means and speed of modern communications.

Working models illustrate the means of extending man's senses, represented by the most important, vision IR, UV, microscopy, radar and television, observation from weather satellites are among these demonstrations, with models of scientific observation satellites and space exploration craft overhead.

The resultant information explosion is demonstrated by tracing the history of data recording in picture and sound, from cave drawings to modern electronic data printout.

A working computer-assisted retrieval system illustrates the means available for coping with explosion and analysis of information and establishes the computer as a tool for Man. Demonstrations of specialized applications - the computer as design and teaching aid - and a recent advances in computer techniques - a talking computer - stress the computer's usefulness to Man and his incessant effort to make this tool evermore useful.

A new method of control, in one of the few areas where mankind has achieved universal agreement - air traffic control - illustrates, through audio-visual means, Man's role as decision maker which the computer enables him to assume.

A "Pop-art" mural shows the statistical differences between rich industrialized and poor peasant economies, and poses the question whether the control equation could be appropriately applied to this dilemma of mankind in order to eliminate the inherent threat of global war.

( Document: Official Guide of l'Expo 67, Copyright 1967 by Maclean-Hunter Publishing Co. Ltd. )

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