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  On tv in 67 : My Three Sons


Widowed aircraft engineer Steve Douglas is raising his three sons in the town of Bryant =Park; college student Mike, high schooler Robbie and Chip the youngest. Helping Steve out is the boys' maternal grandfather, Bub O'Casey. As the years go on, Bub leaves and moves to his family's homestead in Ireland and is replaced by his brother Charlie, a retired merchant marine, Mike marries his college sweetheart Sally after his graduation and Steve adopts Chip's friend Ernie.

The biggest change comes when the Douglases and Uncle Charlie move from Bryant Park to North Hollywood, California. Almost immediately, Robbie meets and eventually marries Katie Miller. Robbie and Katie eventually have three sons of their own in the form of Robbie Jr., Charlie and Steve. It is also there that Steve himself falls in love with Barbara Harper and the two eventually marry and Steve winds up adopting Barbara's daughter Dodie. Not to be outdone, Chip gets into the act and marries his college sweetheart Polly a few years later.

Written by Brian Washington


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