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  Spectacular Rides

To organize the rides Center the planners of La Ronde visited every major amusement park in the world. They have adapted outstanding features of such famous spots sd Disneyland and the Tivoli Gardens of Copenhagen: and they have added a lot of originality and excitement for Expo's fun area.

The Rides Center comprises what is described as the greatest collection of thrill and chill ride ever to challenge the thoughest of tummies.

Major ride cater for 19,000 passengers an hour. Average price: 35 and children 25 cents.

While the accent is on action, the atmosphere is most attractive. The area is well-provided with snack bars.

Several of the center's attractions have never been seen before in Canada, and one , the Gyrotron, is the only ride of its kibnd in the world.

Starting at ground level the Gyrotron passengeris whisked high into a giant pyramid where conditions of outer space are simulated. By sight and sound, the illusion of an actual space voyage is created and maintained. Finally the vehicle plunges deep into the bowels of the earth, and the passenger is confronted by a fantastic mechanical monster that rises from a fury of molten lava. Enjoyment may be tempered by a feeling of relief when the space traveller finds himself on terra firma again.

(Document: Official Guide of l'Expo 67, Copyright 1967 by Maclean-Hunter Publishing Co. Ltd.)

Original rides still on the site today:

1- La Pitoune
2- La Spirale
3- Minirail
4- Tchou Tchou
5- Joyeux Moussaillons
6- La Marche du Mille-pattes
7- Le Galopant (Caroussel)

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