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  Expo 67

Image on the leftThis site was conceived from the " Expo 67 Official Guide " appeared in April of that same year. You thus have to investigate this site as if you read the guide for the first time in April, 67.

The World Fair of Montreal received more than 50 million visitors in six months during the year 1967. It was the most important event of this year and the most visited exhibition of all time. Then buy yourselves a small fast visit in words and in images of this historic moment.

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  Expo 67 Pavilions

Image on the rightThe 90 pavilions gathered on the islands of St. Helene and Notre-Dame gave the visitors the enchantment of this exhibition, whether through films, art, different products, all decorated with propaganda which left no one indifferent.

So, a visit is necessary. Because today, there is nothing left of these relics of our history, with few buildings here and there which are used primarily for administration of the islands. Other pavilions, such as those of France and Quebec have become the Montreal Casino.

  Day by Day

Image on the rightIf you are curious to know what took place every day during the Expo 67, we have just added a section "From day to day" on the site. This section makes the description of the events which took place during six months of the Exhibition.

Based on Yves Jasmin's book " La petite histoire de l'Expo 67 ", this section scrutinizes in the day, the year of the expo 67 with its texts, images and links towards supplementary information. Good visit!


Image on the rightA new section has been added to the site. The Games section. What adds to the entertainment that this site can get you during your visit.

Thus, a section for the relaxation and the pleasure on the subject of the Expo 67 naturally. Enjoy yourselves!

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