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Cité du Havre Cité du Havre pavilions:

Stadium, Place d'Accueil, International Broadcasting Center, Administrative Pavilion, Man the Creator: Fine Arts and Photography, Expo-Theatre, Jeunesses Musicales, Hospitality Pavilion, International Trade Center, Expo-Club, Quebec Industries, Olympique House, Labyrinth, Man in the community and Habitat 67.

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Ile Notre-Dame 1 Notre-Dame island 1 pavilions:

Canada, Ontario, Atlantic Provinces, West Provinces, Quebec, Indiens of Canada, United Nations, France, Jamaica, Monaco, Haiti , Yougoslavia, Mauricius, OCDE, Grece, Chretian, Great Bretain, Trinidad and Tobago, Israel and the People Tree.

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Ile Notre-Dame 2 Notre-Dame island 2 pavilions:

Man the Producer, Italia, Canadian National, Cuba, Kodak of Canada, Economic Progress, European Community, Guyana and Barbados, German, Australia, Czechoslovakia, Venezuela, Ethiopia, Maroc, Tunisia, Africa, Arabes Country, Thailand, Burma, du Kaleidoscope, Sermons Science, du Judaism, USSR, Steel, Canadien Pacific, Pulps and Papers, Man the Provider and the Châtelaine House.

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Ile Sainte-Hélène Sainte-Hélène Island pavilions:

Belgium, Austria, Netherland, Japan, China, Vermont, Brewers, Iran, Telephone, Scandinavia, Air Canada, Maine, New York, USA, Man the Explorer, Scout center.

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La Ronde Alcan aquarium pavilion of Montreal, Fort Edmonton, Youth Pavilion, Spectacular Rides, Gyrotron, Carrefour International, Garden Of Stars, The Village, Safari, Spirale, Marina, Heliport and the Dolphins Lake.

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