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It was as it was said, the most sensational ride builds specially for La Ronde in the opening of the Expo 67. It was conceived by the English (Irish) decorator Sean Kenny and it was an attraction which the amateurs of strong feelings did not want to miss. This set gigantic structures, an incredible complexity, was partially inspired by data acquired by the journeys in the space, and partially by ideas that we could make on them.

Of the ground level, a vehicle transported at a brisk pace four travelers in a pyramid where were reproduced the phenomena of the space. We had the impression to travel in rocket. Suddenly, the nacelle dived into an active volcano. The violence of the nature appeared in this crater in the form of lava in fusion, of smoke and of flames. Having crossed a monster appearing from the lava, the breathless traveler felt finally a sensation of reassurance by landing.

I visited this merry-go-round once, nevertheless I have no impression that the three millions dollards of investment in the time period was really worth the cost to linger there. Maybe it was sensational outside by its impressive structure, but from the inside it was another song. I admit that when our nacelle entered the first portion of the Gyrotron, I had a sensation to fly into space, however, it is true that outside it made full day and that by entering the ride it made black like at night, Then it was normal to believe that one we were returned in the space.

In the second portion of the ride, we fell in a volcano in eruption, finally, it is that we wanted to persuade us and to finish, the monster... so I can say that when we landed, I was relieved in no way, or even satisfied. What I retain from this adventure, it is that in the time, nobody spoke about it, if it had been so sensational, seems to me that everybody would have spoken about it as something that you have to try.

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