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 Africa Pavilion - Congo

Place d'Afrique

Democratic republic of Congo gave to the Exhibition the mission to present to the world the evolution of a big country in all the domains and its development among the nations of the Earth Of The Men(People). The set(group) is divided into four communicating sectors and a big meeting room, the whole was arranged a central court(yard). Several subjects are treated(handled) in the thematic elements: the history(story), the agriculture, the mine fertility, the tourism, the information, the cultural sciences, the arts etc.

Splendidly decorated, the big meeting room is intended for several manners: projections film, representations with folk character, talks, exposed(explained) and conferences, social gatherings, cocktails(cocktail parties), etc.

We granted(tuned) a particular care to the outside arrangement(development), where supplementary elements of exhibition(exposure) incorporate in the landscape.

This detached house(flag) reflects faithfully the aspiration of the Democratic Republic of Congo. The visitor thus has pleasure to see him(it). He(it) will then be capable of establishing the comparison between Congo of front the independence and current Congo.

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