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Africa Pavilion - Madagascar

Place d'Afrique

The big island of Madagascar, in the Indian Ocean, is separated from Africa by the canal of Mozambique. His pavilion, on the Place of Africa, distinguishes itself by an authentically Malagasy style. The flora and the fauna of Madagascar are also different from those of the continent. According to a hypothesis, the island would have survived the disappearance of a continent which combined Australia and India.

The long history of Madagascar does not miss interest. The relations with France go back up to 16th century and the independence completes a date of 1960. His stand in the Expo 67 illustrates a promising future and reports measures taken in this perspective. Madagascar possesses big mineral wealth, in particular some graphite and some uranium, as well as an impressive stony variety. The coffee, the sugar, the rice, the vanilla, the spices constitute its main harvests. The cattle raising is important.

If the industrial potential of Madagascar is considerable, it's the same attractions which the island offers to the tourists, and naturally to the visitors who will establish a first contact with the life Malagasy in the Expo 67.

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