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Africa Pavilion - Niger

Place d'Afrique

The republic of Niger, independent country since 1960, is one of more attractive of western Africa. The nature takes surprising forms there: sunsets are magnificent but brief, the starry night or the moonlight succeeding quickly in the day, temperature differences are considerable; Semidesert regions we pass in the savanna then in the green regions; the game is very plentiful in the North and in the reserve of her W on the river Niger (gazelles, buffaloes, lions, ostrichs, hyppopotames and elephants).

Niamey, the capital on Niger, is a city of 60 000 inhabitants. In hundreds of kilometres in the northeast, Agadès, towards the massif of Air, is remarkable by his veiled nomads, its caravans of camels, its crafts (jewels and tanning), its pharmacopoeia and its thermal springs. All the prestige and all the miracles of the African continent are combined here. And the pavilion of Niger in the World Fair of Montreal can only give you a vague idea of this magnificent country the main wealth of which are the products of the agriculture and the breeding.

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