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 Scandinavia Pavilion - Finland

Creative Finland is the theme of an exhibit which depicts in five gigantic sculptured panels Finland's vigorous industry and culture. Small as she is, with a population of 4.7 millions, Finland rank's among the highly industrialized nations of the world. Her economy is based on forests and a growing metal industry. Pulp and paper exports are second only to those of Canada.

A third of Finland's industrial labor force is employed in the metal industry. Shipbuilding, especially icebreakers, machineray and electrical equipment have conquered new export markets. World-famed designs in textiles, furniture and jewelry, together with furs, illustrate great versatility in exports.

Finland's contributions to other countries, in the development of waterways, in land reclamation and in power development, are considerable. Her achievements in architecture are exemplified in Rewell's prize-winning design for Toronto City Hall.

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