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 USSR Pavilion

Crossing the Lemoyne Channel by minirail to Ile Notre-Dame, visitors will see the silver grey pavilion of the Soviet Union to the left, with the dates 1917-1967 over the main entrance to mark the fifty years of the U.S.S.R.

The pavilion is linked by minirail with the Ile Notre-Dame station of the Expo-Express and with the metro system at metro Ste-Helene. One of Expo's largest buildings, it combines modern distinction with elegance and grace.

As its approach to Expo's theme Man and his World, the U.S.S.R. chose: in the name of man, for the good of man.

The scope of the exhibit is on a scale commensurate with the activity of a dynamic country of 230 million inhabitants. In cosmos hall. Soviet space technology is on display and visitors can experience the sensations of space travel while comfortably seated in armchairs... there is a major exhibit devoted to atoms for peace... other exhibits describing the soviet way of life, urban and rural... economic, scientific and engineering achievements... international relations and aid to developing countries... art and culture.

The pavilion has a 600 seat theater for soviet movies, documentaries, fashion shows. The restaurant, cafe and snack bar offer a wide variety of delicious food and drinks from many republics of the Soviet Union.

( Document: Official Guide of l'Expo 67, Copyright 1967 by Maclean-Hunter Publishing Co. Ltd. ) 


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