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We travelled to Montreal for Expo, and remembered how proud we all were to be "Canandians" -no English/French problems....and what a GREAT showpiece it was! It brought us the world...and we were all so damn proud!! We still remember it well ( and even have a well worn souvenir program)....

Stan Lenko


I was born in Montreal in 1955 but had already been to the New York World fair in 1964. The theme for that fair was Peace through Understanding thou I believe that even thou it was a two year fair, seems like people in that state do everything twice, NY, NY, the wonderful message was not properly communicated. I waited in anticipation for our own fair whose theme was brilliantly executed and whose site was probably one of the most pleasing in the history of fairs.

However I do think the NY theme was a todd more relevant especially given the state of world politics than and now. Our fair was somewhat magical, of utopian proportion and undeniable faith in the human equation. It neglected the larger world, thou at times pointing out what could happen if the polar ice caps melted.

40 years of evolution have passed since the days in 67, the digital age,and the environmental movement have arisen. I have worked in the same office that Moishe Safdie worked, studied at the same school that gave Buckminister Fuller an honourary degree. I have instructed children in cartooning, held festivals and exhibitions, created new geometric foldings, great pieces of art, been creative director and inventor for several different companies and on several projects. Today in retrospect I look back and we have come a long way but that thing that we did so well, our American friends to the south do not seem to have gotten right.

In Buffalo in 1901 a greatexhibition was ruined by one fateful shot that killed a President in the Hall of music. Our own fair has been a great success because American authorities managed to thwart a plot to blow up the Cuban pavilion. We must be forever thankful to those American police for helping us to acheive the great success we did. Another fair in Montreal would be nice, we have thousands of ideas that would make this new fair even more remarkable than the first, but I wonder whether a better approach wouldn't be peace through understanding, to help the people in Buffalo achieve an incident free event that they too could be proud of. All this trash about Soviets and American politics on these Expo memorial sites is making us forget the true meaning of what the Expo feeling was all about - friendship.

BRIAN MAGED - Montreal

In 1967 We were living in Montreal. I was 8 years old and we attended Expo on more than a few occasions. It was an experience I will remember for the rest of my life. I discovered that I was interested in places and cultures from around the world. Today I try to see as much of the world as I can . It was truly a magical time. I can't beleive that 40 years has past. I remember it like it was yesterday. Thanks for the wonderful web site.

Ron Easson - Toronto


I was 12 years old the first time I went to Expo '67 on a school trip. I remember going there on the Metro which was also new at the time. It was so exciting - so many people, so much to see. Saw some great bands and La Ronde was the best! I have many mementos as well - a copy of the "Hey Friend, Say Friend 45 record (for those of you that know what a record is); record/lyric book containing the song "C-A-N-A-D-A"; an Expo board game and of course the red passport. It's a shame that the site has fallen apart. I'm sure there are many people from all around the world that would love to revisit the old site should they decide to celebrate it's anniversary.

Kate - Montreal (now Toronto)

I was 8 when my parents and I spent 8 days at Expo. I had spent weeks memorizing the maps of the site and when we got there my parents discovered that while I may have been 8 that I was VERY knowledgable about how to get anywhere on the site by the shortest route. I was SO happy to find the official Expo 67 site maps on the website. They brought back a lot of happy memories of that glorious summer.

Frank - Amherstburg, Ontario

I very much enjoyed viewing your site and photos of EXPO 67.
I was an employee of Man the Provider - L'Homme et Agriculture!
The experience was a life chaging experience, of not only being at EXPO 67, the incredible CITY of Montreal for the summer and fall, and then being part of the DAILY - JOY OF LIFE!!
I have arranged gatherings of fellow employees and am looking forward in doing so again, this summer and ALSO in 2017!!
That would be incredible IF - Montreal could host EXPO 17!!

wayne - iowa/ontario


Great site! I was 13 when my family took a 2 week camping trip to go to Expo 67. We had a dairy farm so could not get away freely. What a wonderful, eye opening experience! Tis a pity today it's all about the theme parks and such. Expo 67 was the experience of my life. 

Peggy - USA, Virginia

I was 11 when we went to Expo in June of 67. What a magical time. 40 years seem to have flown by yet I remember it as if it were yesterday.

Tony F - Then North Bay, Now Toronto

I was six when I was taken to Expo 67. Everyone should have something so memorable from their childhood to look back on. I know that it's important for people to be well fed and well housed, and that public money should be used to that end. However, I'm grateful that every once in a while we take a flight of fancy such as Expo because it allows the young and impressionable to dream and aspire to higher things. I only wonder if perhaps things like the Internet and the ready availability of information about other places in the world makes these events less important. Anyway, thanks for taking the time to put this site together! It provided me with a couple of happy hours of visiting. I hope you continue to add information.

Mark - Hamilton Ontario


This is a pity! I agree with Tony's coment that it was the most beautifull fair in the world and they tore it down!

Christo - Montreal

It was the most beautifull fair in the world it's a crying shame that the governments didnt upkeep it so that our children can enjoy it today. maybe we can stert a movement to bring it back for it's 50th aniversary in 2017

Tony - Montreal, Canada

Excellent! Virtually satisfy by your site :-)

Jeff Stanton - UK

I've been there, it was really a special moment for me, many thanks for the flashback.

William B. Drake - USA, Ca



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